Building a time machine.

Noir Near Future is a clothing brand developed by Bregje Cox.

Trying to show a transition from ancient cultures into a more futuristic type of beauty the label is a continuous dialogue between aesthetics and meaning.

Looking for meaning through the constant research into functional garments derived from military uniforms and combining this with the functionality and visual identity found in ethnic garments.

In this research the emphasis is on the use of high quality  materials as well as finding new solutions to improve the fit and form of clothes to enhance the shape of each body in the best way possible.

Visually the brand is heavily influenced by the aesthetics of all things technological, science fiction and contemporary art.  Equally important is the balance in finding new and exciting color combinations. By connecting these diverse elements the label has developed a unique aesthetic.

Furthermore  Noir Near Future finds it important that our products not only are of a high quality, but that they are made in Europe as well.






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