Enclothed Cognition: On collaboration.

Join Enclothed Cognition to explore how we can use the power of technology to create contact zones of complex entanglement where all of us are transformed by the engagement. The power of technology to transform and influence our society manifests in everything from education and business to communication and creativity. We seek to empower others by bringing awareness to the interplay between the clothes we wear, the built environment and the human mind and recognizing the underlying patterns that guide our behavior

Over four days we will invite the public to show up and experience the power of collaboration and inclusivity, to become informed about struggles that are not necessarily your own but which you’re in alliance with. We will explore the role of technology as both a tool of empowerment and oppression and encourage the public to actively reassess the relationship between technology, race, and creative endeavor.

These spaces have existing racial dynamics that new devices, products, and platforms can ease, exacerbate, facilitate and obstruct, raising questions of ownership, access, and inclusion: Who is in charge of technological development? Can technology play a role in resolving inequalities?

About Enclothed Cognition

Enclothed Cognition is a collaborative project from Dutch fashion designer Bregje Cox and Barbadian visual artist Mark King. The collection is primarily inspired by the behavioral psychological theory of Enclothed Cognition. Particularly how a garment’s symbolic meaning paired with the physical experience of wearing the garment combines to impact the wearer’s performance in everyday tasks. Enclothed Cognition seeks to empower others by bringing awareness to the interplay between the clothes we wear, the built environment,t, and the human mind.